Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Introducing Maggie


In January, we decided to get a puppy! Maggie was born on October 6 and these pictures are from the end of January. It's the end of February now and she's already much bigger. Life with a puppy and very small kids is every bit as chaotic as you might imagine, but Maggie has quickly become one of the Hunts. We're all looking forward to the warmer months, when we can get outside and take full advantage of her boundless energy. For now she has to settle for wrestling matches with small boys, which seems to suit her (and them) just fine!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Baking Day

Grandma Brown in Massachusetts sent the boys a surprise package the other day - books! Books are always a huge hit around here, and one of the books is a Sesame Street cookie cookbook. Both boys love Cookie Monster, and Anderson is "quite the little chef" (his words), so he picked out a recipe right away - Oscar's Garbage Pail Cookies. It was truly an Oscar kind of day, totally yucky outside, but the cookies came out great (don't tell Oscar).

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It's About Time!

I've got pictures on Facebook. Pictures on Shutterfly. Pictures on flickr. Pictures in slideshows on youtube. Email pictures. Photobucket pictures. Videos all over the place.

It's a mess, this attempted documentation of our little family.

I won't promise I'll update this daily or weekly, but I promise I'll put stuff up here, and I'll tag it so that when things are uploaded out of order (and they will be), you'll be able to find stuff anyway. I like that freedom, anyway. Some days I might feel like looking at a baby Anderson or a 10-year-old picture of Kurt and me doing something goofy. Let's just think of this as a big old cardboard box up in the attic where I've been tossing pictures for the past decade or so. You never know what treasure you'll dig up when you thrust in your hand in the dark. OK, so you could also grab a bat corpse or a bit of insulation up there, but most likely it will be something you've forgotten and somehow, that you remember fondly anyway.

About the title - I asked Anderson for his favorite part of any book he has, and not surprisingly, he shouted "All the hippos go berserrrrrrrrrrrrk!" It seemed fitting enough in this house full of rambunctious boys. :)